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Title:German Arzate complaints
Description: This is German Arzate complaints and today I want to tell you about one thing that bothers me. People think that after an implant they don’t need to take care of their denture and they get angry when the body rejects the implants because they think the doctors were the ones that caused that on the first place. So I want to write this German Arzate complaint post and tell you that it is quite unfair you tell us a few days later yelling at us that your dental implants didn’t work the way they should have worked and now you want your money back and you are thinking on suing us because of bad practices and that stuff. But the reality of the situation is that despite we did a great job, and we did our best to get you the best treatment done, if you don’t follow what we told you in the first place your implants most likely will be rejected of your body and you might have lost some part of your time.
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